Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jurassic Park is in Florida

So, when i was younger(middle school) the neighborhood kids and i knew about an abandoned water treatment plant hidden in the woods on the edge of town. It was a place we went to back in the day to play man hunt and break shit and just have fun away from any place that we could get into trouble. We dubbed the place Jurassic Park. On route to my parents house i pass the woods that are home to Jurassic Park and always tell myself that i am going to go back and snap some photos. So, today i got a wild hair up my ass and headed into the woods. Things have changed for sure. The city has a huge chain link fence around the place and the old creek we used to cross is full of water now. Once i got in i found that the place is extremely overgrown and has become a hot spot for graffiti and mischief. Yep, we had our good times and even though different things have happened there i am glad to see that a new generation was able to enjoy our old stomping ground. Not sure how much longer the place might be there so i made a point to get as many pictures as i could. I will probably post more photos tomorrow.

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